Kavya Ravichandran

Other Projects

Changing Places Changing People

(Very) recently, I have begun work on a project exploring people's relationships with the environment and what kinds of changes have occurred. I am posting stories from interviews on social media (Facebook, Twitter). Please follow along and also feel free to reach out if you have stories you would like to share!

Online CountMin

Estimating frequency of elements using hash-based methods incurs estimation error when very frequent, or heavy, elements collide with infrequent, or light, ones. Prior work has shown promise in training a learned oracle that predicts the weight of an element and stores the raw count if it is heavy (Hsu et al.). In this paper, we seek to develop such an oracle that is trained online, as stream elements are received. During this work, we found some promising trends in how to batch stream data and how to train accordingly, but results were overwhelmingly marked by high variation. We posit that that is due to significant stochasticity in our system and propose ways to reduce that randomness.
This was a term project for Learning Augmented Algorithms in Spring 2019. Full report available here.

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